Available Views
The axes for MPR are considered as follows:
X-axis = Right to Left ( R to L )
Y-axis = Anterior to Posterior ( A to P )
Z-axis = Feet to Head ( F to H )
When activating MPR on an image series, the following views are available:
Axial: slices perpendicular to the Z-axis
Sagittal: slices perpendicular to the X-axis
Coronal: slices perpendicular to the Y-axis
Tri-plane: overview of these 3 views
In case MPR is activated and no specific view (axial, sagittal, coronal) is selected, the Tri-plane view will be displayed.
Each of the reference lines can be rotated.
This can be done by hovering over a reference line and drag when the rotate icon is shown.
Default behavior is that the reference lines are kept in a 90° angle from each other. By pressing and holding the Ctrl button the reference lines can be rotated independently.
Each quadrant has an indication in the bottom left corner that indicates:
the orientation of the volume with indicators R, L, A, P, H, F (cf description of the axes)
the series the MPR images originate from
the name of the view
To display a single view in the viewport, you must select the desired view from the MPR menu.