At the bottom of the study page is an overview of this patient’s studies to which you have access.
If you log in using a reference number, then these are the studies that are linked to the number.
If you log in through your account, then these are the studies that have been assigned to you or your group.
If this overview is not shown, click on ‘visible elements’ in the menu bar and select ‘History’.
You can filter this timeline by type of device or study type.
Do this by clicking on the buttons Same modality, Same procedure on the bottom left of the study page.
When you hover over a study in the history bar, you can choose to load, compare or open the study.
When hovering in the history bar over the currently open study, the message “Current study” is displayed.
Load study
If you choose to load the study, it will end up in the series picker.
Compare study
If you choose to compare the study, it will appear in the series picker and in the image screen.
Open study
If you want to open the study, the study that is currently open will close and the study you wish to view will open.