Overview page payments
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This functionality is only available in case you are an administrator of a sending radiology department and patients need to pay to have access to the study.
To see the overview on all payments that have been registered for your radiology department, in the bottom right corner of the screen, click Tools and choose Payments.
The overview page lists the most recent 100 logon actions regarding studies for which a payment is required:
Each entry contains the following:
the source from which the study originates
the reference number that has been used to access the study
the timestamp when the access attempt was registered
a 'Valid' flag to indicate that a token was requested successfully with the payment instance
a 'Paid' flag to indicate that the payment was registered successfully
A button 'Transactions' to call a pop-up, containing all transactions on the payment
The following types of transactions exist:
Authorization: the user has given authorization to perform the payment; money has not been transferred yet
Capture: payment has been performed, i.e. money has been transferred
Reversal: the payment has been reverted
The State indicates if the related transaction
has been initiated
is in progress
has completed successfully
has failed
A button Reversal to initiate a reversal of the payment.
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When reverting the payment, a refund will be initiated but the study will still be marked as payed for
A specific exam can easily be retrieved by using the filter on the left hand side based on the reference number and/or the study date.