Progress overview
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You can only use this function if you administer the online placement of studies (Placing studies online and sharing studies).
This page provides status information about
the studies that have been placed online using the PACS overlay
exams, sent from PACSonWEB to a local PACS system
exams, imported from PACSonWEB using an import client
You can only see the transfers for which you have the required access rights within PACSonWEB.
Just as with ‘Buckets overview’, you can use the filter to find a specific study. You can filter by different statuses:
All Statuses
In Progress
And you can filter by different task types:
Share Pacs Study
Reprocess bucke
DICOM Transfer
Local import client
Image and series manipulations
Export report to client
Export GSPS to PACS
Monitor task
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Click on a column heading to sort the data alphabetically.
The following window will be displayed if you click on a study.
Here you can find more detailed information about the study. It depends on the type of transfer which details are being displayed.
If the study is not yet complete, you can cancel the online placement by clicking on ‘Cancel Task’.
In case a study transfer has failed, you can restart the transfer by clicking the 'Retry task' button.