Use of filtering
You can use filtering to make it easier to find a study in your list.
If the filter fields are not visible, you must click on the grey arrow on the top left.
PACSonWEB can remember the values you have entered in the filter fields or have these automatically cleared when opening an exam or logging off.
This can be configured through the setting 'Remember filters in the explore page' in the 'General settings' section of My account.
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If you’ve used a filter during your PACSonWEB session and did not delete it after closing your session, the filter will automatically be opened when starting a new session.
Complete the fields you want to use for filtering. Filled out fields will be marked in bold.
Click APPLY to start the search. During the search all filtering fields will be grayed out and locked for editing.
You can enter a value for all fields except for the fields 'Study date', 'Report status' and 'Message status'.
If you click on this field, a calendar will be displayed on which allows you to select a specific day or a period in time.
You can make use of the predefined filters (today, yesterday...) or select a specific day or period in time.
If you want to search the studies for one specific day, fill out the same date in the 'From' and 'To' field.
To search studies from a certain date until now, only fill out the 'From' field
To search studies up to a certain date, only fill out the 'To' field
To search studies within a certain period, field out both fields.
Then click on Set Filter.
If you wish to delete the study date, click the Reset button at the bottom of the calendar and then click on the APPLY button at the bottom of the Filters section.
With 'Report Status' you can filter on one or several of the following statuses:
Draft report
Preliminary report
Validated report
For Message status, you can filter on:
All exams with read message Read (filter) (overview)
All exams with an unread message Unread (filter) (overview)
You can also select both options simultaneously resulting in a list of all studies with a message
You can also filter using predefined labels that are linked to studies, based on HL7 message values.
PACSonWEB allows to filter on both studies that contain certain labels or studies that do not have certain labels.
For the use of predefined labels, please contact Dobco Medical Systems.
In case certain studies for a radiology department are filtered, based on HL7 message values such as requesting department, modality, ... the studies are still listed in the explore page of source admins for reference.
Such studies are marked with the following icon in the study status field:
As a source admin, it is possible to hide filtered studies by activating the 'Hide filtered studies' switch
Filtered studies are not visible for non-source admins; this filter is therefore not available for regular users.
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If you use the same filter on a regular basis, you can save this for faster access later on.
To save a filter, enter the filter and then click on the SAVE filter button.
A pop-up window will be displayed where you can give the filter a name.
If you are the administrator of a group practice, you can choose to save the filter only for yourself or for all members of the group practice.
The filter will be saved under the filter fields under ‘My Filters’ and can be applied at any time with a simple click of the mouse.
To delete your saved or configured filter, click on the X on the right next to the filter.
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If the administrator of the group practice has created a filter for all members of the group, then only the administrator can delete it.