Notification types
The following examples show how warning signals, safety instructions, other instructions and notes are represented in this document. The text explains their intended use.
warning-patient-safety Label


Indicates a dangerous situation likely to entail a potential serious violation of a user, an engineer, a patient or any other person.
caution-patient-safety Label


Indicates danger with a low level of risk, which may lead to minor or moderate injury if not prevented.
instruction-patient-safety Label


Indicates important information that has to be read, understood, maintained and/or obeyed by the user in order to ensure a safe operation of the software.
Note Label


Gives advice and highlights unusual matters. A note is not an instruction.
important Label


Highlights information that is required by the user in order to ensure proper effect of the software, for instance enabling permissions or the availability of licenses.
restriction Label


Indicates a limitation of the software or a condition that needs to be fulfilled for proper effect of the software.
tip Label


Provides hints enabling different ways of performing tasks, for instance by using a shortcut key.