Anonymizing Studies
If you tick 'Anonymize' the following patient and study information will be adjusted:
The patient's name is adjusted: the surname is replaced by 'Anonymous' and the first name is replaced by 6 digits.
The research number is adjusted to: ANON + Base29 series (unique in PACSonWEB)
The application number is adjusted to: ORD + Base29 series (unique in PACSonWEB)
The Study Instance UID is adjusted to: a UID, starting with 1.2.528.56.1006 (unique worldwide, as registered by Dobco Medical Systems)
If you check the option "Keep link with original study" ("pseudonymization"), a user has a link between the pseudonymized study and the original study if he has access to both studies within PACSonWEB.
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The report will never be available, even if the option 'Images and read access to report' or 'Images and write access to report' has been selected.
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PACSonWEB offers the possibility of anonymizing the identifiable information of a study as desired, either manually or by using an anonymization scheme.
This feature is optional. If you are interested, please contact Dobco Medical Systems or the medical imaging department of the hospital.
We refer to the following pages for more information about the possibilities on customized anonymization: