My account
Click on the cogwheel in the upper right of the page and you will be taken to the 'User Settings'.
Here you can see your account information:

1. Personal settings:

*Username: this is your e-mail address
Login History: displays an overview of the 100 latest login attempts
Gender: used to address correctly in automated mails
*Physician number(s): physician numbers, linked to the account
*Mobile phone: used to send OTP messages for activation, password reset and strong authentication
Work phone: can be used to contact you in case of issues
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Fields, marked with * are Read-Only. To adapt, please contact the service desk.

2. Security:

If your account is not linked to a domain with active directory, you can change your password by clicking on the Change button.
If you have an active directory integration for your domain, this option will not be visible and you will need to contact your domain administrator to change your password.
Enter your old password and enter your new password twice. Then click on the Change password button.
From now on your old password will no longer be valid and you must use the new password to log on.
For improved security, you can enable two-factor authentication on your account.
For more information, we refer to Two-factor authentication
In case strong authentication is mandatory in your region, you will forced to select a two-factor authentication method.
The option 'None' will not be available.

3. Privacy settings:

Here you can determine which information will be made public under Favorites.
‘Make my Contact Information visible for other PACSonWEB users’ is enabled by default.
This means that if a user is searching for you using the Find users button under Favorites, only your name and RIZIV number will be visible.
If you enable ‘Make my E-mail Address visible for other PACSonWEB users’, your e-mail address will also be visible.
If you enable ‘Make my Mobile Number visible for other PACSonWEB users’, your mobile number will also be visible.
If you deactivate everything, your account will not be searchable within PACSonWEB.
When finished with selecting your privacy settings click Save privacy settings

4. Mappings

The maps provide an overview of which sources you automatically receive studies, on which name, which physician number is linked and with which group these are shared.
The switches at the front of each line determines whether or not you automatically receive an e-mail
if a new study is available for the related source
if the report is available for a study of the related source
The setting 'Send email on new study for new mappings' determines the default behavior to receive an e-mail when studies with images for a new source are available.
The setting 'Send email on report being available for new mappings determines the default behavior to receive an email when studies with a report for a new source are available.

5. Report signature

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This function only applies if you are authorised to edit the report in PACSonWEB.
Place your signature and select ‘Save signature’.
If you edit a report in PACSonWEB, your signature will be automatically displayed when you click on ‘Save’ and ‘Save and validate’.