Two-factor authentication
In case your account requires two-factor authentication, you need to confirm your login by through the PACSonWEB authenticator app or by entering an additional code in the "Extra security: Enter One-Time-Password" screen after logging in.
This code (One-Time-Password) is sent to your mobile phone or email address, depending on your User settings.
Fill in the received 6-digit code and click Continue. You now have access to all studies you have requested and that have been shared with you.
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If you tick the option 'Remember this browser for 30 days', you will not be required to enter a one-time password for 30 days when logging in from the same machine with the same browser.
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Be aware: the OTP code is only valid for 20 minutes.
You can have a new code sent from this screen, by clicking "Resend One Time Password". Only the last received code can be used.
If the One-Time-Password code was entered incorrectly, you will not be logged on.
In case an incorrect OTP was entered 5 consecutive times, the account will be locked out.
If you have not yet configured your two-factor authentication method, you will receive a pop-up to select a two-factor authentification method.
We advise you to use the PACSonWEB Authenticator app for two-factor authentication, being the most secure option.
Alternatively you can opt to have a one-time-password (OTP) sent to you by mail or text message
If you choose to receive your One-Time-Password by email, the code will be sent to your mail.
If you choose to receive your One-Time-Password by sms and your mobile phone number has been registered with your account, the code will be sent to your mobile phone.
In case your mobile phone number has not been registered with your account, you will receive the code on your mail once. After logging on you will have the possibility to register your mobile phone number.
If desired, you can change your two-factor authentication method from your User settings.