Logging in to PACSonWEB
There are various ways of logging in to PACSonWEB.
Patients can log in using a code, their date of birth and optionally an OTP (= One Time Password) or an SMS token after payment if required.
This will give them access to the images of the request and the report, if the medical institution (hospital or radiologist) has given permission for this.
Physicians, dentists and specialists can register for an account with Dobco Medical Systems, after which they can log in with a username and password or through e-ID (Belgium only).
If you log in with your own account, you are first taken to an overview page with all the studies which you are authorised to view.
Click on a study in the list to obtain access to all images and the report, if this is permitted by the medical institution (hospital or radiologist).
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PACSonWEB also supports group practices so that you can view your colleagues’ studies.
If you are a member of one or more group practices, you will be prompted to confirm your group membership every 3 months.
A pop-up will be displayed, listing all groups for which you are a member or administrator.
For each group the current composition is presented with the primary contact on top and all administrators in bold.
In case the presented group composition does no longer reflect the actual situation, you need to report this to a group administrator or the PACSonWEB service desk to have this corrected.
How to modify the composition of a group is explained in detail in My Groups.
PACSonWEB uses cookies for tracking sessions.
We are legally obligated to display the warning below on a monthly basis.
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Internet Explorer 10 is no longer being supported.
As of today, Internet Explorer 10 and earlier versions are no longer being supported.
Via PACSonWEB you will be taken to the appropriate websites to install a more recent browser.
As PACSonWEB is used in multiple countries it can happen that you end up on the portal of an environment from another country.
Your username or security code will not be known in that environment.
When you open a portal (e.g. http://secure.pacsonweb.com) but you are situated in another country you will be asked if you want to be redirected to the portal for your country or stay on the current portal.
You can remember your choice by ticking the checkbox Remember my chosen environment.
If you accidentally choose the wrong country you can go back to the original environment via a menu in the upper left corner.