Two-factor authentication through Authenticator app
The PACSonWEB Authenticator app offers a secure and user friendly way for securing your account.
The app replaces the use of One-Time-Passwords, sent by mail or text message, by a notification on the app and allows to confirm your logon attempt by a single tap in the app.
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You can link up to 5 different devices to your account from which you can confirm your login attempt.
You can also use third party authenticator apps such as Lastpass Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Duo ...

Download the PACSonWEB Authenticator app

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If your mobile device does not fulfill the technical requirement, it will not be possible to install the app.


iOS: in the Apple app store, look for "PACSonWEB" and click "Install".
Requirement: iOS 10 or higher
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For iOS, the authenticator app has been merged with the Home Reading app.
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The Home Reading app is still available separately.


Android: in the Google Play store, look for "PACSonWEB Authenticator" and click "Install".
Requirement: Android 5.0 or higher (API 21 – Lollipop)
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For Android, the authenticator app and the Home Reading app are onlyavailable separately.

Linking your mobile device to PACSonWEB

Login to PACSonWEB, go to the "security" section from your PACSonWEB user settings and select the option Time-based One-Time-Password from app.
A screen opens to link a device. Open your authenticator app on your mobile device and scan the QR code.
For proper functioning the app will ask for access to your camera and to allow notifications.
When using the PACSonWEB authenticator app you can confirm linking your device by tapping Login on your mobile device.
In case you use a third party authenticator app, you must confirm linking your device by entering the numeric code from the app.
After successfully linking your device, it will be listed in the tab "My devices" in your PACSonWEB user settings as a trusted device.

Logging on using the Authenticator app

Login to PACSonWEB with your username and password.
A notification to confirm or deny your login attempt will be displayed on all linked devices on which you have installed the PACSonWEB authenticator app.
You can complete your login by tapping Login from the app.
You are now logged on to PACSonWEB.
In case you have no internet connection on your mobile device or you are using a third party authenticator app, you must enter the numeric code from the app and click Continue in your browser to complete your login.

Unlinking your device

You can unlink a trusted device in the following ways:
Go to the tab "My devices" from your PACSonWEB user settings and click the 'X' icon next to the device you want to unlink.
You can unlink a device from the authentication app itself by tapping the hamburger menu and selecting "Unpair".